About us

Chatime is a fresh tea specialist franchise focusing on modernised Taiwanese tea culture. Nothing beats freshly brewed tea for flavour and fragrance.

Founded in Taiwan in 2003, Chatime is an international franchise with over 1000 stores worldwide serving more than 400,000 customers every day. The company launched in Australia in 2009 and has quickly grown to over 60 outlets across Australia.

Our commitment

Combining 30 years of tea production and a team of professional tea developers and testers, the company employs state-of-the-art technology and uses the highest quality ingredients to deliver a great tea tasting experience.

Chatime’s successful franchise chain is down to well-developed training programs, an exceptional retail audit system, cutting edge product innovation, and a specialised management and research team that support the Chatime family of franchisees every step of the way.

Chatime is committed to delivering consistently high quality beverages with outstanding customer service.